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Palmer - Movie Review

Justin Timberlake captures an authentic, hardened but compassionate character in Palmer in undoubtedly the best film of 2021 yet!

Starting off with the release from prison after serving a 12 year sentence, this real-life film follows his journey as he tries to get back on track with many challenges along the way. We come to meet Palmers neighbor’s son, Sam, a flamboyant, unique, and darling young boy that we soon fall in love with! Palmer is reluctant to be anywhere near this boy, expressing his disgust with Sam’s preference for colorful clothing, tea parties, and whimsical lunch boxes.

That all changes when Palmer is the last hope for Sam besides being thrown into “the system” and placed in a shelter.

Palmer’s humanity shines through and he cares for Sam and soon demands to take custody as his mother never cared for him.

We get taken for an emotional ride as we follow this very relevant story! You’ll have to watch to see the outcome! Let us know what you thought in the comments!

Our Experience:

We truly enjoyed watching this on our 20ft screen in a client’s driveway with our inflatable sofas and heaters! She hired our Pizza Artisan to make custom pizzas all night with delicious toppings including cream cheese chicken and my favorite for dessert: Nutella/strawberry!

Contact us to plan your next movie premiere party!

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